BODYLAND : Quality

We provide samples that are developed to incorporate colours, fabrics, styles and all value addition works based on the requirements of our buyers. We manufacture samples in quantities as required by our customers. By offering this essential service we sharpen the marketing efforts of our buyers in their region by giving them an edge over their competition.

Stringent quality control measure and efficient use of our well equipped laboratory has resulted in the form of NABL standard. We adapt ISO 9001 standards, Eco friendly + Azo free standards. We have strong faith that achieving entire customer satisfaction is the main path in success. To accomplish this, we should aim to work towards continuous quality improvement and excellence in all spheres of our activities.

We have full fledged Quality Assurance department. Quality will be monitored from the very beginning stage of the order process. We have approvals, testing, check points and inspections at all stages. Periodical inspections will be carried by our quality department as preliminary, online and final. We also maintain AQL standards according to the specifications.

Our commitment regarding quality and delivery schedules will be prompt as desired by our clients.

Our Quality Policy – rests on two principles:

  • Our DEFINITION of quality is CONFORMANCE TO REQUIREMENTS, having specified very carefully the requirements of our customers, our suppliers and our processors.
  • Our SYSTEM of quality Management concentrates on PREVENTION. Looking at our processes, identifying the opportunities for error and taking action to eliminate them.